Automation integration is an example of one of the custom integrations.

This integration enables outboard REST API external calls to create process definition workflows. Multiple integration events can be configured as a single installed automation integration.

Automation integration is created based on one of the following types of events:

  • Alerts
  • Resource

After successful integration, the name of the integration and its event details are visible for creating workflows in process definition workflows.

Install automation integration

  1. Go to Setup > Integrations > Integrations.
  2. From Available Integrations, select Other > Custom Integration.
  3. From the Install Custom Integrations window, enter the Name.
  4. Select Automation from the Category drop-down list.
  5. Click Install.
Automation Integration Installation

Configuring the integration

Configure the installed integration to add events. Unlike other integrations, completing basic configuration is not required. One or more integration events needs to be added:

Automation Integration Installation
  1. From Integration Events, click +Add.
  2. From the Add Integration event window, enter the Name.
    This name is displayed as the automation integration name and is visible on the process definition screen while creating process workflows.
  3. Select a resource or alert from the On drop-down list.
    The integration is displayed only for events of the selected option in the process definition window.
  4. Enter the End Point Url.
  5. For Notification Type, select REST API and for Authentication Type, select Basic.
  6. Select an option for Web Method and enter details.
  7. Select one option from the list of Default_Resource to enter Payload details.
  8. Enter a key and value for the Response.
    • There can be multiple responses.
    • All of the responses facilitate the process definition workflow.
  9. Click Save. The added event is displayed under the integration event.
    Multiple events can be added for one automation integration.
Adding an Automation Integration

Viewing automation integration and events

The automation integration and its related integration events are visible in the process definition for creating process workflows.

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