Using Custom integration, multiple tenants can inherit properties of a parent integration automatically without using respective configuration.

For example, install a parent integration with properties such as logo, name, and description. Then, select a tenant and select the option to inherit properties from custom integration.

The following properties are inherited:

  • Logo
  • Description
  • Name
  • Events
  • Outbound payload properties (If any)
  • Inbound mapping attributes (if any)

To create a parent and child integrations for the tenant:

  1. Install a parent integration using custom integration with the following details:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Logo

    The Integration page displays Name, Description and Logo after successful integration.

    Install Tenant custom integration
  2. Select a client to create an integration for the tenant.

  3. From Install Custom Integration, select the checkbox of Use Partner configuration and events.

  4. Select the name of parent integration to inherit properties.

    When selected, other fields such as Name, Description, and Logo cannot be added while the details of selected integration are applied.

    Inherit Tenant custom integration

    The tenant integration inherits all parent properties, automatically.