Monitors AD Performace Data.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Active Directory

Global Template Name: Active Directory Monitoring Performance Counters DotNet V4

Version : All supported versions of Active Directory

Prerequisites: For AD monitor need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
ABClientSessionsABClientSessionsShows the number of connected Address Book client sessions. This would be any client applications that know how to create an address book session to the global catalog through NSPI.
DSNotifyQueueSizeDSNotifyQueueSizeShows the number of pending update notifications that have been queued but not yet transmitted to clients.
LDAPActiveThreadsLDAPActiveThreadsShows the current number of threads in use by the LDAP subsystem of the local directory service.
LDAPBindTimeLDAPBindTimeShows the time, in milliseconds, taken for the last successful LDAP bind.
LDAPClientSessionsLDAPClientSessionsShows the number of currently connected LDAP client sessions.
DRAInboundBytesTotalPersecDRAInboundBytesTotalPersecShows the total number of bytes replicated in. This counter is the sum of the number of uncompressed bytes (never compressed) and the number of compressed bytes (after compression).
DRAInboundObjectsAppliedPersecDRAInboundObjectsAppliedPersecShows the rate at which replication updates received from replication partners are applied by the local directory service. This counter excludes changes that are received but not applied (because, for example, the change has already been made).
DRAInboundObjectsPersecDRAInboundObjectsPersecShows the number of objects received from neighbors through inbound replication. A neighbor is a domain controller from which the local domain controller replicates locally.
DRAInboundObjectUpdatesRemaininginPacketDRAInboundObjectUpdatesRemaininginPacketShows the number of object updates received in the current directory replication update packet that have not yet been applied to the local server.
DRAOutboundBytesTotalPersecDRAOutboundBytesTotalPersecShows the total number of bytes replicated out. This counter is the sum of the number of uncompressed bytes (never compressed) and the number of compressed bytes (after compression).
DRAOutboundObjectsPersecDRAOutboundObjectsPersecShows the number of objects replicated out.
DRAPendingReplicationSynchronizationsDRAPendingReplicationSynchronizationsShows the number of directory synchronizations that are queued for this server but not yet processed.
DSClientBindsPersecDSClientBindsPersecShows the number of Ntdsapi.dll binds per second serviced by this domain controller. Directory services offered by Active Directory are managed by the ntdsapi.dll module to be able to communicate over RPC (remote procedure call).
DSDirectoryReadsPersecDSDirectoryReadsPersecShows the number of directory reads per second.
DSDirectoryWritesPersecDSDirectoryWritesPersecShows the number of directory writes per second.
DSServerBindsPersecDSServerBindsPersecShows the number of domain controller–to–domain controller binds per second that are serviced by this domain controller.
KerberosAuthenticationsKerberosAuthenticationsShows the number of times per second that clients use a ticket to this domain controller to authenticate to this domain controller.
LDAPSearchesPersecLDAPSearchesPersecShows the rate at which LDAP clients perform search operations.
LDAPUDPoperationsPersecLDAPUDPoperationsPersecShows the number of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) operations that the LDAP server is processing per second.
LDAPWritesPersecLDAPWritesPersecShows the rate at which LDAP clients perform write operations.
NTLMAuthenticationsNTLMAuthenticationsShows the number of NTLM authentications per second serviced by this domain controller.