Monitors AD Performace Data.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: AD

Global Template Name: Active Directory Monitoring Performance Counters DotNet V4

Version : Microsoft Active Directory 2012,2016,2019,2008,2003

Prerequisites: For AD monitor need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.

Collected Event Logs: All event logs of type “Application”, “System”, “Directory Service” and “File Replication Service” from “Error” and “Failure” event levels. And it will include and excludes all the event logs as mentioned in the template configuration.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
ABClientSessionsABClientSessionsAB Client Sessions is the number of connected Address Book client sessions.
DSNotifyQueueSizeDSNotifyQueueSizeThe number of pending update notifications that have been queued, but not yet transmitted to clients.
LDAPActiveThreadsLDAPActiveThreadsLDAP Active Threads is the current number of threads in use by the LDAP subsystem of the local direcotry service.
LDAPBindTimeLDAPBindTimeShows the time required for completion of the last LDAP binding, with a higher value pointing to either hardware or network performance problems.
LDAPClientSessionsLDAPClientSessionsThe number of sessions of connected LDAP clients. Lack of activity points to network problems.
DRAInboundBytesTotalPersecDRAInboundBytesTotalPersecTotal number of bytes replicated in. Sum of the number of uncompressed bytes (never compressed) and the number of compressed bytes (after compression).
DRAInboundObjectsAppliedPersecDRAInboundObjectsAppliedPersecThe rate at which replication updates received from replication partners are applied by the local directory service. This count excludes changes that are received but not applied (e.g., when the change is already present).
DRAInboundObjectsPersecDRAInboundObjectsPersecNumber of objects received from neighbors through inbound replication.
DRAInboundObjectUpdatesRemaininginPacketDRAInboundObjectUpdatesRemaininginPacketThe number of object updates received in the current directory replication update packet that have not yet been applied to the local server.
DRAOutboundBytesTotalPersecDRAOutboundBytesTotalPersecTotal number of bytes replicated out. Sum of the number of uncompressed bytes (never compressed) and the number of compressed bytes (after compression).
DRAOutboundObjectsPersecDRAOutboundObjectsPersecNumber of objects replicated out.
DRAPendingReplicationSynchronizationsDRAPendingReplicationSynchronizationsDRA Pending Replication Synchronizations is the number of directory synchronizations that are queued for this server but not yet processed.
DSClientBindsPersecDSClientBindsPersecShows the number of Ntdsapi.dll binds per second serviced by this DC.
DSDirectoryReadsPersecDSDirectoryReadsPersecNumber of directory reads per second.
DSDirectoryWritesPersecDSDirectoryWritesPersecNumber of directory writes per second.
DSServerBindsPersecDSServerBindsPersecShows the number of DCtoDC binds per second that are serviced by this DC.
LDAPSearchesPersecLDAPSearchesPersecThe number of search operations per second performed by LDAP clients. A lack of activity points to network problems.
LDAPUDPoperationsPersecLDAPUDPoperationsPersecShows the number of UDP operations that the LDAP server is processing per second.
LDAPWritesPersecLDAPWritesPersecShows the rate at which LDAP clients perform write operations