Applicable on Exchange Servers with the CAS role.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSExchange2010ClientAccessServers

Global Template Name: Microsoft Exchange 2010 DotNet v4 - Server Role - Client Access Servers (CAS)*

Version: Microsoft Exchange 2010

Prerequisites: For Exchange 2010 need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
AverageTimetoProcessaFreeBusyRequestAverageTimetoProcessaFreeBusyRequestAverage Time to Process a Free Busy Request is the average time to process a free busy request in seconds. One request may contain multiple mailboxes. Free busy responses do not have meeting suggestions.
AvailabilityRequestssecAvailabilityRequestssecAvailability Requests per second is the number of requests serviced per second. The request can be only for free busy or include suggestions. One request may contain multiple mailboxes.
AverageResponseTimeAverageResponseTimeAverage Response Time is the average time (in milliseconds) that elapsed between the beginning and end of an OEH or ASPX request.
AverageSearchTimeAverageSearchTimeAverage Search Time is the average time that elapsed while waiting for a search to complete.
OWARequestsPersecOWARequestsPersecRequests/sec is the number of requests handled by Outlook Web App per second.
DownloadTaskQueuedDownloadTaskQueuedDownload Task Queued is '1' if task is queued for execution, otherwise '0.'
DownloadTasksCompletedDownloadTasksCompletedDownload Tasks Completed is the number of OAB download tasks completed.
ActiveSyncRequestsPersecActiveSyncRequestsPersecRequests/sec is the number of HTTP requests that are received from the client via ASP.NET per second.
SyncCommandsPersecSyncCommandsPersecSync Commands/sec is the number of Sync commands that are processed per second. Clients use this command to synchronize items within a folder.
CurrentConnectionsCurrentConnectionsCurrent Connections is the current number of connections established with the Web service.