Applicable on Exchange Servers with the Client Access Servers ( CAS) role.

Discovery with the agent

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: MSExchange2016ClientAccessServers

Global Template Name: Microsoft Exchange 2016 DotNet v4 - Client Access Servers, Microsoft Exchange 2016 - Server Role - Client Access Servers (CAS)

Version : Microsoft Exchange 2016

Pre-requisites: For Exchange 2016 CAS server role monitors need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
MSExchange2016AverageTimetoProcessaFreeBusyRequestMSExchange2016AverageTimetoProcessaFreeBusyRequestAverage Time to Process a Free Busy Request is the average time to process a free busy request in seconds. One request may contain multiple mailboxes. Free busy responses do not have meeting suggestions.
MSExchange2016AvailabilityRequestssecMSExchange2016AvailabilityRequestssecAvailability Requests per second is the number of requests serviced per second. The request can be only for free busy or include suggestions. One request may contain multiple mailboxes.
MSExchange2016AverageResponseTimeMSExchange2016AverageResponseTimeAverage Response Time is the average time (in milliseconds) that elapsed between the beginning and end of an OEH or ASPX request.
MSExchange2016AverageSearchTimeMSExchange2016AverageSearchTimeAverage Search Time is the average time that elapsed while waiting for a search to complete.
MSExchange2016OWARequestsPersecMSExchange2016OWARequestsPersecRequests/sec is the number of requests handled by Outlook Web App per second.
MSExchange2016ActiveSyncRequestsPersecMSExchange2016ActiveSyncRequestsPersecRequests/sec is the number of HTTP requests that are received from the client via ASP.NET per second.
MSExchange2016SyncCommandsPersecMSExchange2016SyncCommandsPersecSync Commands/sec is the number of Sync commands that are processed per second. Clients use this command to synchronize items within a folder.
MSExchange2016 CurrentConnectionsMSExchange2016 CurrentConnectionsCurrent Connections is the current number of connections established with the Web service.