Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Apache

Global Template Name: LINUX Apache Template


The Apache HTTP Server, also known as Apache HTTP, is a widely used open source web server that is extremely customizable. Its functionality can be extended through modules that suit a wide range of use cases, from serving dynamic PHP content to acting as a forward or reverse proxy.

Prerequisite: The status module allows a server administrator to find out how well their server is performing.

For more information on Apache status module, refer to


NamesDefault ValueDescription
ProtocolhttpThe protocol used by Apache for web access
Host IP Address127.0.0.1The host on which Apache is running.
Port80The port on which Apache is running.
URIserver-status?autoThe Url for getting server-status of Apache.

Note: All field attributes are mandatory. Use default values wherever applicable.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
apache.performance.uptimeApache-UptimeChecks the uptime apache service the number of bytes transferred per second the number of bytes transferred per request the number of requests made per second the number of total kbytes
apache.performance.scoreboardApache-ScoreBoardProvides the scoreboard metrics
apache.performance.cpu_loadApache-CPULoadProvides the CPU Load of the apache service
apache.performance.open_slotsApache-OpenSlotsProvides the number of open slots
apache.performance.idle_workersApache-IdleWorkersProvides the number of idle workers
apache.performance.busy_workersApache-BusyWorkersProvides the number of busy workers
apache.performance.total_accessesApache-TotalAccessesProvides the total number of accesses made.