Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Ceph

Global Template Name: Template not created in portal


Ceph is highly reliable, easy to manage, and free. Ceph delivers extraordinary scalability: thousands of clients accessing exabytes of data. This monitor is to track disk usage across storage pools, receive service checks in case of issues and monitors I/O performance metrics.


NameDefault ValueDescription
Ceph Socket Directory/var/run/cephCeph Admin Socket

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
ceph.commit_latency_msCeph Commit LatencyTime taken to commit an operation to the journal.
ceph.apply_latency_msCeph Apply LatencyTime taken to flush an update to disks.
ceph.op_per_secCeph OperationIO operations per second for given pool.
ceph.read_bytes_secCeph ReadBytes/second being read.
ceph.write_bytes_secCeph WriteBytes/second being written.
ceph.num_osdsCeph Number Of OsdsNumber of known storage daemons.
ceph.num_in_osdsCeph Number Of Participating OsdsNumber of participating storage daemons.
ceph.num_up_osdsCeph Number Of Up OsdsNumber of online storage daemons.
ceph.num_pgsCeph Number PgsNumber of placement groups available.
ceph.num_monsCeph Number Of MonitorNumber of monitor daemons.
ceph.aggregate_pct_usedCeph Aggregate Percentage UsedOverall capacity usage metric.
ceph.total_objectsCeph Total ObjectsObject count from the underlying object store.
ceph.num_objectsCeph Number ObjectsObject count for a given pool.
ceph.read_bytesCeph Read BytesPer-pool read bytes.
ceph.write_bytesCeph Write BytesPer-pool write bytes.
ceph.num_poolsCeph Number PoolsNumber of pools.
ceph.pgstate.active_cleanCeph Pgstate Active CleanOverall capacity usage metric.
ceph.read_op_per_secCeph Read Operation Per SecondPer-pool read operations/second.
ceph.write_op_per_secCeph Write Operation Per SecondPer-pool write operations/second.
ceph.num_near_full_osdsCeph Number Near Full OsdsNumber of nearly full osds.
ceph.num_full_osdsCeph Number Full OsdsNumber of full osds.
ceph.osd.pct_usedCeph Osd Percentage UsedPercentage used of full/near full osds.
cassandra.compaction.bytes_compactedCassandra Compacted BytesCompacted bytes size.