Collector Type : Agent

Category : Application Monitors

Application Name : DNS Server

Global Template Name : LINUX DNS Server Template


The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.


NamesDefault ValueDescription
Named Stats Path/var/cache/bind/named.statsnamed.stats file path.
Pid path/var/run/named/named.pidThe port on which squid is running.

Note: All field attributes are mandatory, use default values wherever applicable.

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
dns.requests.rcvd.ipv4DNS Requests Received Ipv4IPv4 requests received this also counts non query requests.
dns.responses.sentDNS Responses SentIPv4 requests received this also counts non query requests.
dns.success.answeredDNS Success AnsweredQueries resulted in a successful answer This means the query which returns a NOERROR response with at least one answer RR.
dns.auth.answeredDNS Authoritative AnswerQueries resulted in authoritative answers.
dns.nonauth.answeredDNS Non Authoritative AnswerQueries resulted in non authoritative answers.
dns.referal.answeredDNS Referral AnswerQueries resulted in referral answers.
dns.nxrrset.answeredDNS NXRREST AnswerQueries resulted in NOERROR responses with no data This corresponds to the nxrrset counter of previous versions of BIND 9.
dns.servfail.answeredDNS Servfail AnswerQueries resulted in SERVFAIL.
dns.nxdomain.answeredDNS Nxdomain AnswerQueries resulted in NXDOMAIN This corresponds to the nxdomain counter of previous versions of BIND 9.

Queries which caused the server to perform recursion in order to find the final answers.
DNS Caused Recursion
dns.duplicatesDNS DuplicatesQueries which the server attempted to recurse but discovered an existing query with the same IP address, port, query ID, name, type and class already being processed.
dns.droppedDNS DroppedQueries for which the server discovered an excessive number of existing recursive queries for the same name, type and class and were subsequently dropped.
dns.other.failuresDNS Other FailuresOther query failures.
dns.queries.sent.ipv4DNS Queries Sent Ipv4IPv4 queries sent.
dns.responses.rcvd.ipv4DNS Responses Received Ipv4IPv4 responses received.
dns.conns.est.ipv4DNS Connections Established Ipv4ipv4 socket i/o connections.
dns.successDNS SuccessQueries resulted in a success.
dns.referralDNS ReferralQueries resulted in a referral.
dns.nxrrsetDNS NXRRESTQueries resulted in a NXRREST.
dns.nxdomainDNS NXDOMAINQueries resulted in a NXDOMAIN.
dns.recursionDNS RecursionQueries resulted in a recursion.
dns.failureDNS FailureQueries resulted in a failure.
dns.response_timeDNS Response TimeQueries resulted in a response time.