Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: Varnish

Global Template Name: Linux - Varnish Monitors

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
varnish.cache.missesVarnish Cache MissesCache miss rate.
varnish.cache.hitsVarnish Cache HitsCache hit rate.
varnish.backend.connectionsVarnish Backend ConnectionsRate of backend connections success.
varnish.backend.busyVarnish Backend Connections BusyRate of backend connections busy.
varnish.backend.failVarnish Backend Connections FailedRate of backend connection failures.
varnish.backend.toolateVarnish Backend Connections ClosedRate of backend connections closed.
varnish.backend.recycleVarnish Backend Connection RecyclesRate of backend connection recycles.
varnish.backend.reqVarnish Backend RequestsRate of backend requests made.
varnish.client.conns.acceptedVarnish Client Connections AcceptedAverage number of client connections accepted per second.
varnish.client.conns.droppedVarnish Client Connections DroppedAverage number of client connections dropped per second.
varnish.client.requestsVarnish Client RequestsAverage number of client requests received per second.
varnish.rate.sessionsVarnish SessionsRate of total sessions.
varnish.rate.requestsVarnish RequestsRate of total received requests.
varnish.rate.fetchesVarnish FetchesRate of total fetches.
varnish.rate.hdrbytesVarnish Header SizeRate of total header size in Kbytes.
varnish.rate.bodybytesVarnish Body SizeRate of total body size in Kbytes.
varnish.struct.objectsVarnish ObjectsNumber of objects.
varnish.worker.threadsVarnish Worker ThreadsNumber of worker threads.
varnish.worker.threads.failedVarnish Failed Worker ThreadsAverage number of failures per second, when creating worker threads. Dropped Work RequestsAverage number of abandoned work requests per second.
varnish.lru.objects.nukedVarnish LRU Nuked ObjectsNumber of LRU nuked objects.
varnish.lru.objects.movedVarnish LRU Moved ObjectsNumber of LRU moved objects.
varnish.expired.objectsVarnish Expired ObjectsNumber of expired objects.
varnish.uptimeVarnish UptimeUptime in minutes.
varnish.rate.esi.errorsVarnish ESI ErrorsRate of ESI parsing errors.
varnish.cache.hit.ratioVarnish Cache Hit RatioCache hit ratio.
varnish.cache.miss.ratioVarnish Cache Miss RatioCache miss ratio.
varnish.client.connections.ratioVarnish Client Connections RatioClient accepted connections to received requests ratio.
varnish.backend.conns.success.ratioVarnish Backend Connections Success RatioSuccessful backend server connections ratio. Work Thread RatioWorking threads to created threads ratio.