Kong is an open source API gateway and platform that acts as a middleware between compute clients and the API-centric applications. The platform easily extends the capabilities of APIs with the use of plugins. Kong is used by developers and software product owners to create API portals, manage them and adjust for scaling.

Assign Kong Template

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  2. Click Infrastructure > Resources.
  3. Click the desired resource name > resource Details > Monitors > Template.
  4. From the Templates screen, click +Assign Templates. The Apply Templates window is displayed.
  5. From Assign Templates > Available templates, select the Kong Monitoring - V2(v1) template.
  6. The selected templates section displays the chosen template.
  7. Click Assign.
  8. From the Enter Configurations screen, change the default values for the configuration parameters assigned to the selected template. Note: Mention the values of Host IP Address, Protocol and Port that are configured in the Kong configuration. If you have already configured the Kong with credentials, provide the credentials in Username and Password parameters. Else, you can enter the credentials of Username and Password as NA.
  9. Click Submit.


NamesDescriptionDefault Value
Host IP AddressThe host on which Kong is running127.0.0.1
ProtocolProtocol to be usedhttp
PortThe port on which Kong is running8001
UsernameUsername, if enabled in KongNA
PasswordPassword, if enabled in Kongjava


Metric NameDisplay NameDescriptionUnitMetric Type
kong_database_reachableKong Database ReachableA boolean value reflecting the state of the database connection (1 = true, 0 = false).Gauge
kong_db_entities_totalKong Db Entities TotalTotal number of Kong DB entities.Gauge
kong_db_entity_count_errorsKong Db Entity Count ErrorsErrors during entity count collection.Rate
kong_enterprise_license_errorsAKong Enterprise License ErrorsErrors when collecting license information.Gauge
kong_memory_lua_shared_dict_bytesKong Memory Lua Shared Dict BytesAllocated slabs in bytes in a shared_dict.BytesGauge
kong_memory_lua_shared_dict_total_bytesKong Memory Lua Shared Dict Total BytesTotal capacity in bytes of a shared_dict.BytesGauge
kong_memory_workers_lua_vms_bytesKong Memory Workers Lua Vms BytesAllocated bytes in worker Lua VM.BytesGauge
kong_nginx_http_current_connectionsKong Nginx Http Current ConnectionsNumber of HTTP connections.ConnectionsGauge
kong_nginx_metric_errors_totalKong Nginx Metric Errors TotalNumber of nginx-lua-prometheus errors.Rate
kong_nginx_timersKong Nginx TimersNumber of Nginx timers.Gauge
kong_connections_acceptedKong Connections AcceptedTotal number of accepted client connections.ConnectionsGauge
kong_connections_activeKong Connections ActiveCurrent number of active client connections including Waiting connections.ConnectionsGauge
kong_connections_handledKong Connections HandledTotal number of handled connections. (Same as accepts unless resource limits were reached).ConnectionsGauge
kong_connections_readingKong Connections ReadingCurrent number of connections where Kong is reading the request header.ConnectionsGauge
kong_connections_totalKong Connections TotalTotal number of client requests.RequestsGauge
kong_connections_waitingKong Connections WaitingCurrent number of idle client connections waiting for a request.ConnectionsGauge
kong_connections_writingKong Connections WritingCurrent number of connections where Nginx is writing the response back to the client.ConnectionsGauge