Ping monitoring is used to track the availability and responsiveness of devices, such as servers, routers and so on.

When you apply ping monitoring on the device OpsRamp Gateway send ICMP requests to the host and measure the packet loss percentage and RTA information. By default we will send 3 requests and time interval between each request is 1000ms with packet size of 64 bytes.


  • Allow ICMP between end-device and OpsRamp Gateway.
  • Device/Resource must have the Ip address.

Graphical metrics representation

Linux Install Integration

Get Latest Metric Values

Linux Install Integration

Configuration Parameters

  • Data Bytes: The size of the packet. The default value is 64 bytes.

  • Packet Interval: Time interval between the requests. The default value is 1000ms.

  • Packet Count: The number of packets sent to the device. The default value is 3.

Sample Alert

Linux Install Integration

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check whether ping template is applied on device or not.

  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > select the required device.

  3. Select monitors tab in the device and verify if the ping template is applied or not.

  4. Check the reachability of the device from gateway using ping command

    Syntax: ping <ipaddress>
    Example: ping

Note: Duplicate template should not be applied on the device.