Kubernetes DNS schedules a DNS Pod and service on the cluster, and configures the kubelets to tell individual containers to use the DNS Service IP to resolve DNS names.

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

Application Name: K8s Coredns

Global Template Name: K3s CoreDNS


Go to Resources under the Infrastructure tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.

Collected Metrics

MetricsDisplay NameDescriptionUnits
coredns.panicsTotal PanicsTotal number of panics-
coredns.query.countQuery countTotal query count-
coredns.request_duration.seconds.sumRequest Duration Seconds SumDuration to process each query-
coredns.request_duration.seconds.countRequest Duration Seconds CountDuration per upstream interaction-
coredns.response_size.bytes.sumResponse Size Bytes SumSize of the returns responsebytes