Collector Type : Agent

Category : Application Monitors

Application Name : k8s Dns

Global Template Name : Kubernetes DNS Monitoring

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescription
kubedns.cachemiss_countCachemiss CountNumber of DNS cache misses (from start of process).
kubedns.error_countError CountNumber of DNS requests resulting in an error.
kubedns.request_countRequest CountTotal number of DNS requests made.
kubedns.request_duration.seconds.countRequest Duration Seconds CountNumber of requests on which the kubedns.request_duration.seconds.sum metric is evaluated.
kubedns.request_duration.seconds.sumRequest Duration Seconds SumTime (in seconds) each request took to resolve.
kubedns.response_size.bytes.countResponse Size Bytes CountNumber of responses on which the kubedns.response_size.bytes.sum metric is evaluated.
kubedns.response_size.bytes.sumResponse Size Bytes SumSize of the returns response in bytes.