Global Template

Assign following template to Microk8s Node under Infrastructure > Resources > Microk8s > Microk8s Node page.

Collector Type: Agent

Category: Application Monitors

G2 Monitor Name: Agent G2 - Linux - Microk8s ContainerD

Global Template Name: Agent G2 - Linux - Microk8s ContainerD

Collected Metrics

Metric NameDisplay NameDescriptionUnits
containerd_hugetlb_failcntContainerD HugeTLB fail RateRate of allocation failure due to HugeTLB limitbytes
containerd_cpu_usage_total_over_limitCPU Total Usage Over LimitContainer total cpu usage with respect to limit. (if limit is not set the metric is not sent)percent
containerd_memory_usage_over_limitMemory Usage Over LimitThe percentage of used memory out of memory limit ( If limit is not set , this metric will not be monitored & even < metric value >/graph will not be plotted )percent
containerd_hugetlb_maxContainerD HugeTLB max usageMax hugepagesize hugetlb usage recordedbytes
containerd_hugetlb_usageContainerD HugeTLB usageCurrent usage for hugepagesize hugetlbbytes
containerd_memory_usageContainerD Memory UsageMemory Usagebytes
containerd_memory_usage_failcntContainerD Memory Usage fail RateRate of number of times the cgroup limit exceeded-
containerd_memory_usage_limitContainerD Memory Usage LimitLimit of memory usagebytes
containerd_memory_usage_maxContainerD Memory Usage MaxShow maximum memory usage recordedbytes
containerd_memory_cacheContainerD Memory CacheBytes of page cache memorybytes
containerd_memory_rssContainerD Memory RSSBytes of anonymous and swap cache memory (includes transparent huge pages)bytes
containerd_memory_rss_hugeContainerD Memory RSS HugeBytes of anonymous transparent huge pagesbytes
containerd_memory_dirtyContainerD Memory DirtyBytes that are waiting to get written back to the diskbytes
containerd_memory_swap_usageContainerD Swap UsageSwap Usagebytes
containerd_memory_swap_failcntContainerD Swap Usage fail RateRate of number of times the cgroup swap limit exceeded-
containerd_memory_swap_limitContainerD Swap Usage LimitLimit of swap usagebytes
containerd_memory_swap_maxContainerD Swap Usage MaxShow maximum swap usage recordedbytes
containerd_memory_kernel_usageContainerD Kernel UsageCurrent kernel memory allocationbytes
containerd_memory_kernel_failcntContainerD Kernel fail countRate of the number of kernel memory usage hits limits-
containerd_memory_kernel_limitContainerD Kernel LimitHard limit for kernel memorybytes
containerd_memory_kernel_maxContainerD Kernel MaxMax kernel memory usage recordedbytes
containerd_memory_kernel_tcp_usageContainerD Kernel TCP UsageCurrent TCP buffer memory allocationbytes
containerd_memory_kernel_tcp_failcntContainerD Kernel TCP fail rateRate of number of TCP buf memory usage hits limits-
containerd_memory_kernel_tcp_limitContainerD Kernel TCP LimitShow hard limit for TCP buffer memorybytes
containerd_memory_kernel_tcp_maxContainerD Kernel TCP MaxMaximum TCP buffer memory usage recordedbytes
containerd_cpu_throttling_throttledTimeContainerD CPU Throttled TimeCPU throttled timepercent
containerd_cpu_usage_systemContainerD CPU System UsageSystem CPU usage of container with respect to host systempercent
containerd_cpu_usage_totalContainerD CPU Total UsageTotal CPU usage of container with respect to host systempercent
containerd_cpu_usage_userContainerD CPU User UsageUser CPU usage of container with respect to host systempercent
containerd_blkio_service_bytes_recursiveContainerD BlkIO Service BytesNumber of bytes transferred to/from the diskbytes
containerd_blkio_serviced_recursiveContainerD BlkIO ServicedNumber of IOs (bio) issued to the disk by the groupbytes
containerd_blkio_queued_recursiveContainerD BlkIO QueuedTotal number of requests queued up at any given instant for the cgroupbytes
containerd_blkio_service_time_recursiveContainerD BlkIO Service TimeTotal amount of time between request dispatch and request completion for the IOsbytes
containerd_blkio_wait_time_recursiveContainerD BlkIO Wait TimeTotal amount of time the IOs for this cgroup spent waiting in the scheduler queues for servicebytes
containerd_blkio_merged_recursiveContainerD BlkIO MergedTotal number of bios/requests merged into requests belonging to this cgroupbytes
containerd_blkio_time_recursiveContainerD BlkIO TimeDisk time allocated to cgroup per device in millisecondsbytes
containerd_blkio_sectors_recursiveContainerD BlkIO SectorsNumber of sectors transferred to/from disk by the groupbytes
containerd_proc_open_fdsContainerD Number of Open File DescriptorsNumber of open file descriptors-
containerd_container_uptimeContainerD Container UptimeUptime of the Current Containersecond
containerd_containers_runningContainerD Running ContainersTotal number of running containers-
containerd_containers_stoppedContainerD Stopped ContainersTotal number of Stopped Containers-
containerd_image_sizeContainerD Image SizeImage sizes of different container imagebytes


Navigate to Infrastructure > Resources tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.