Solaris is a proprietary operating system which is provided by Oracle Corporation. It is a Unix-like operating system. It uses a mixed-source model, which includes both open and closed source components. This operating system uses a monolithic kernel with dynamically loadable modules.

Supported Target Version

Supported Target Version
SunOS-5.9 OS
SunOS 5.11 Oracle Solaris 11.3 x86
SunOS 5.10 Generic_147148-26

Application Version and Upgrade Details

Application VersionBug fixes / Enhancements
3.0.0Provided support for the metric solaris_os_server_Uptime.
  • Mapping resource name attribute field with hostname.
  • Updated few ssh commands to retrieve the required data.
  • Added support to print error log line part of logfile monitoring.
  • Updated data parsing for below metrics
    • solaris_os_server_network_interface_InTraffic
    • solaris_os_server_network_interface_OutTraffic
2.0.0Initial Version with discovery and monitoring features.