OpsRamp uses multiple mechanisms for user authentication and data security. Enabling Duo security requires configuration at Duo and OpsRamp.


  • Partners must register with OpsRamp to receive OpsRamp login credentials.
  • Provide your custom branding URL (such as <yourwebsitename>.opsramp.com).

Duo configuration

  1. Log into duo.com
  2. Go to Applications > Protect an Application. Protect an Application page lists the different types of services you can protect with Duo Security.
  3. From the list of applications, search for Web SDK, and click Protect this application.
  4. From the Web SDK application properties screen, make note of the Integration key (ikey), Secret key (skey), and API hostname.
    You’ll need these keys and hostname when configuring OpsRamp to work with Duo Security.
    • The integration key and secret key uniquely identify a specific application to Duo Security.
    • The API hostname is unique to your account.

OpsRamp configuration

Once you have completed the configurations in Duo.com, you can continue with the next set of configurations in the OpsRamp console.

To enable Duo security:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounts > Clients.

  2. From CLIENTS, click the client name that requires Duo Security activation.

  3. From CLIENT DETAILS, click Authentication Mechanism.

  4. From Authentication Mechanism, click Enable to activate two-factor authentication and Yes to enable Duo Security.

  5. Enter the following information (provided in the Duo application):

    • Integration key (ikey)
    • Secret key (skey)
    • API hostname
  6. Click Save. All client users can activate Duo security from their end.

The partner user can activate Duo Security for own accounts after enabling Duo Security.

Activate Duo security for a partner user

To activate Duo security for a partner user:

  1. Click a partner name to activate Duo Security. The Partner details page opens.
  2. Select the option Duo Security MFA Configuration.
  3. Enter Integration key (ikey), Secret key (skey), API hostname and click Save. Now, the partner user can activate Duo Security from their end.

Register mobile number for Duo security

The Duo Security option is available only if Duo Security is enabled for the user.

  1. Select Duo Security.
  2. Follow the Wizard and register your mobile number. Once you successfully register your mobile number, the Duo Security is activated on your account.

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