Manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with discovery and seamless integration to access AWS service metrics. Set up alerts and reports to track the performance, cost, and utilization of all of your AWS services, including long-term trend analysis.

Onboarding AWS services

Onboarding AWS services process flow

Process Flow - Onboarding AWS services

Step 1: Authorize access to your AWS account

Create credentials on the AWS console and authorize access to your AWS services using any of the following methods:

- IAM credentials
- IAM with AssumeRole credentials
- IAM with AssumeRole External ID  

Step 2: Install Integration

After you create credentials and authorize access, install integration on the OpsRamp console using the credentials.

Step 3: Discover and monitor AWS services

After the AWS integration with OpsRamp, you are ready to discover and manage the services.

The AWS services are onboarded.