Collecting metrics in AWS is essential for monitoring and managing the health, performance, and security of your resources. Once your AWS resources have been identified, it is time to initiate resource monitoring.

There are two methods available to collect metrics:

  1. Choose specific devices and assign a monitoring template. See Assign a Template for more details on how to assign a template.
  2. Create a device management policy to obtain metrics from all your discovered resources and any future ones automatically (explained below). See Create Device Management Policies for more details.

Easy Setup (Device Management Policy)

  1. Log in to the OpsRamp portal.

  2. Navigate to Setup > Resources > Device Management Policies.

  3. Click Add to create a new policy.

  4. Give the policy a name and select the Smart Filters radio button followed by the Any AWS checkbox.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Assign Monitoring Template checkbox.

  6. From the Available Monitoring Templates drop-down, select AWS.

  7. Select all the templates on the left and push them to the right as shown below:

  8. Click Save&Run Now.
    Upon saving, metrics will begin populating, and you can view them in dashboards. Additionally, the curated dashboard in Dashboard 2.0: AWS Overview will be filled with data.

Note: It may take a few minutes for metrics to become visible in your account. The recommended waiting time is 15 minutes to observe the flow of metrics.