AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a service that makes it easy for broadcasters and other premium video providers to:

  • Reliably ingest live video into the AWS Cloud.
  • Distribute the video to multiple destinations inside or outside the AWS Cloud.

MediaConnect provides:

  • The reliability, security, and visibility that you are used to with existing distribution methods.
  • The flexibility and cost-effectiveness that internet-based transmission provides.

Content originators can grant entitlements to share their content with other AWS accounts (subscriber accounts). Subscribers can then set up their own AWS Elemental MediaConnect flows using the originator flow as their source.

External reference

Entitlements in AWS Elemental MediaConnect


To set up the AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select MediaConnect.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Not Supported (create and delete events)

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Not Supported