AWS Elemental MediaConvert queues allow you to manage the resources that are available to your account for parallel processing of jobs.

MediaConvert offers two queue types:

  • On-demand queues
  • Reserved queues

On-demand queues

With on-demand queues, you do not have to set up anything in advance.

  • You send your jobs to an on-demand queue when you want.
  • You pay per minute, billed in increments of .01 minute.
  • Your default queue is an on-demand queue.

Reserved queues

With reserved queues:

  • You pay for the transcoding capacity of the entire queue, regardless of how much or how little you use it.
  • You make a 12-month commitment, which AWS bills you for monthly.

Use the AWS public cloud integration to discover and collect metrics against the AWS service.

External reference

Working with AWS Elemental MediaConvert queues


To set up the AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select Media Convert Queue.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Not Supported (create and delete events)

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation Type

Number of seconds of audio-only output for a queue.
Audio Output DurationSecondsSum

Number of seconds of standard definition (SD) output for a queue.
SD Output DurationSecondsSum

Number of seconds of high-definition (HD) output for a queue.
HD Output DurationSecondsSum

Number of seconds of ultra-high-definition (UHD) output for a queue.
UHD Output DurationSecondsSum

Number of seconds of 8K output for a queue.
8K Output DurationSecondsSum

Number of jobs completed in this queue.
Jobs Completed CountCountSum

Number of jobs that failed because of invalid inputs, such as a request to transcode a file that is not in the specified input bucket.
Jobs Errored CountCountSum

Number of seconds before AWS Elemental MediaConvert starts transcoding a job.
Standby TimeSecondsSum

Number of seconds before AWS Elemental MediaConvert starts transcoding a job.
Transcoding TimeSecondsSum