Exporting data involves installing an export integration and creating a data export.


Create folders in the Microsoft Azure Blob storage cloud storage integration.

Step 1: Install the Integration

As a partner:

  1. Go to Setup > Integrations > Integrations.

  2. From Available Integrations, select Exports > Blob Storage and Install.

  3. From Install Blob Storage Integration page, enter:

    • Name: Name of the Integration.
    • Logo: Logo you upload depending on the integration type.
  4. Click Install.

Step 2: Configure the Integration

In Authentication, enter the following information, and Save:

  • Storage Account Name: Azure Blob account name.
  • Secret Access Key: Secret Key to access the Azure portal.
  • Container Name: Name of the Azure container for the export data.
  • Base URI: Data location in the container. For example, https://portal.azure.com.
Azure Blob Storage Integration

Step 3: Create Batch Export

Click here to follow steps for creating Batch Export.