Application Insights, a feature of Azure Monitor, is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers on multiple platforms.

Application Insights is used to monitor your live web application. Characteristics include:

  • Automatic detection of performance anomalies.
  • Powerful analytics tools to help you diagnose issues and to understand what users actually do with your app.
  • Designed to help you continuously improve performance and usability.
  • Works for apps on a wide variety of platforms including .NET, Node.js and Java EE, hosted on-premises, hybrid, or any public cloud.
  • Integrates with your DevOps process, and has connection points to a variety of development tools.
  • Monitors and analyzes telemetry from mobile apps by integrating with Visual Studio App Center.

External reference

What is Application Insights?


To set up the Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Application Insights.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation Type

Percentage of availability for the storage service or the specified API operation. Availability is calculated by taking the TotalBillableRequests value and dividing it by Number of applicable requests, including those that produced unexpected errors. All unexpected errors result in reduced availability for the storage service or the specified API operation.
Test durationMilliSecondsAverage

The availability metric shows the percentage of the web test runs that didnt detect any issues.
Availability result percentagepercentAverage

The availability tests metric reflects Count of the web tests runs by Azure Monitor.
Availability result countCountCount

Number of data points sent to this Application Insights resource. This metric is processed with a latency of up to two hours.
Data point countCountTotal

Volume of data sent to this Application Insights resource. This metric is processed with a latency of up to two hours.
Data point volumeBytesTotal

Time between user request and network connection. Includes DNS lookup and transport
Page load network connect timeMilliSecondsAverage

Time between receiving the last byte of a document until the DOM is loaded. Async
Client processing timeMilliSecondsAverage

Time between the first and last bytes, or until disconnection.
Receiving response timeMilliSecondsAverage

Time between network connection and receiving the first byte.
Send request timeMilliSecondsAverage

Time from user request until DOM, stylesheets, scripts and images are loaded.
Browser page load timeMilliSecondsAverage

Count of calls made by the application to external resources.
Dependency callsCountCount

Duration of calls made by the application to external resources.
Dependency durationMilliSecondsAverage

Count of failed dependency calls made by the application to external resources.
Dependency failuresCountCount

Count of page views
Count of page viewsCountCount

Page view load time
Page view load timeMilliSecondsAverage

Execution time of the most recent request.
HTTP request execution timeMilliSecondsAverage

Length of the application request queue.
HTTP requests in application queueCountAverage

Rate of all requests to the application per second from ASP.NET.
HTTP request rateCountPerSecondAverage

Count of handled and unhandled exceptions reported to windows, including .NET exceptions and unmanaged exceptions that are converted into .NET exceptions.
Exception rateCountPerSecondAverage

Total bytes per second read and written to files, network and devices.
Process IO rateBytesPerSecondAverage

Percentage of elapsed time that all process threads used the processor to execute instruction. This can vary between 0 to 100. This metric indicates the performance of w3wp process alone.
Process CPUPercentAverage

Percentage of time that the processor spends in non-idle threads.
Processor timePercentAverage

Physical memory immediately available for allocation to a process or for system use.
Available memoryBytesAverage

Memory exclusively assigned to the monitored applications processes.
Process private bytesBytesAverage

This metric reflects Number of incoming server requests that were received by your web application.
Server request countCountCounter

Time between receiving an HTTP request and finishing sending the response.
Server response timeMilliSecondsAverage

Count of HTTP requests marked as failed. In most cases these are requests with a response code >= 400 and not equal to 401.
Failed requestsCountCount

Combined count of all uncaught exceptions.

Count of uncaught exceptions thrown in the browser.
Browser exceptionsCountTotal

Count of uncaught exceptions thrown in the server application.
Server exceptionsCountTotal

Trace document count
Trace countCountTotal

Number of distinct users who authenticated into your application.
Users authenticatedCountCounter

Number of distinct users who accessed your application.
Users countCountCounter

This metric refers to count of distinct session IDs.
Sessions countCountCounter