Azure Container Registry handles private Docker container images as well as related content formats, such as Helm charts, OCI artifacts, and images built to the OCI image format specification.

Use OpsRamp Azure Public Cloud Integration to discover and collect metrics against Container registries.


To set up the Azure integration and discover the Container registries resources, do the following:

  1. Create an Azure Integration, if not available in your installed integrations. For more information on how to install the Azure Integration, refer to Install Azure Integration.
  2. Create a discovery profile. For more information on how to create a discovery profile, refer to Create Discovery Profile.
  3. Select Container registries under the Filter Criteria in the Add Discovery Profile page.
  4. Save the discovery profile to make them available in the list of Discovery Profiles.
  5. Scan to discover the resources at any time independent of the predefined schedule.
  6. Once the scan is completed, you can view the Azure Container registries resources under Infrastructure > Resources > Microsoft Azure category.

Event support

OpsRamp supports Azure events for Container registries. Configure Azure Events in the OpsRamp Azure integration discovery profile.

See Process Azure Events for more information on how to configure Azure events.

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricAzure MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescriptionAggregation Type
azure_containerregistry_registries_AgentPoolCPUTimeAgentPoolCPUTimeAgentPool CPU TimeSecondsThe agent pool CPU time in seconds.Total
azure_containerregistry_registries_RunDurationRunDurationRun DurationMillisecondsThe duration of the container registry runs in milliseconds.Total
azure_containerregistry_registries_SuccessfulPullCountSuccessfulPullCountSuccessful Pull CountCountNumber of successful image pulls.Average
azure_containerregistry_registries_SuccessfulPushCountSuccessfulPushCountSuccessful Push CountCountNumber of successful image pushes.Average
azure_containerregistry_registries_TotalPullCountTotalPullCountTotal Pull CountCountTotal number of image pulls.Average
azure_containerregistry_registries_TotalPushCountTotalPushCountTotal Push CountCountTotal number of image pushes.Average

External reference

Azure Container Registry