Azure’s Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway is a fully managed and highly resilient service for Network Address Translation (NAT). You can use Azure NAT Gateway to let all instances in a private subnet connect outbound to the internet while remaining fully private. Unsolicited inbound connections from the internet are not permitted through a NAT gateway. Only packets arriving as response packets to an outbound connection can pass through a NAT gateway.

Moreover, a NAT Gateway provides dynamic Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) port functionality to automatically scale outbound connectivity and reduce the risk of SNAT port exhaustion.

Use OpsRamp Azure public cloud integration to discover and collect metrics against Azure NAT Gateway.


To set up the Azure integration and discover the NAT Gateway resources, do the following:

  1. Create an Azure Integration if not available in your installed integrations. For more information on how to install the Azure Integration, refer to Install Azure integration.

  2. Create a discovery profile.

  3. Select Azure NAT Gateway under the Filter Criteria on the Edit Discovery Profile page.

  4. Save the discovery profile to make it available in the list of Discovery Profiles.

  5. Scan to discover the resources at any time independent of the predefined schedule.

  6. Once the scan is completed, you can view the Azure NAT Gateway resources under Infrastructure > Resources > Microsoft Azure category.

  7. Create a template with collector type Azure and applicable for Azure NAT Gateway. See Create a Template for more information on how to create a template.

  8. Refer to Assign a Template on how to assign a template to a resource.

  9. Click the Metrics tab to view the monitoring data of Azure NAT Gateway.

Event support

OpsRamp supports Azure events for Azure NAT Gateway. Configure Azure Events in OpsRamp Azure integration discovery profile. See Process Azure Events for more information on how to configure Azure events.

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricAzure MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescriptionAggregation Type
azure_network_natgateways_ByteCountByteCountBytesBytesTotal number of Bytes transmitted within time period.Total
azure_network_natgateways_DatapathAvailabilityDatapathAvailabilityDatapath Availability (Preview)CountRefers to the reliability and uptime of the data path handled by NAT Gateway service.Average
azure_network_natgateways_PacketCountPacketCountPacketsCountTotal number of packets transmitted during a specific time period.Total
azure_network_natgateways_PacketDropCountPacketDropCountDropped PacketsCountShows the count of dropped packets.Total
azure_network_natgateways_SNATConnectionCountSNATConnectionCountSNAT Connection CountCountTotal count of concurrent active connections at a given moment.Total
azure_network_natgateways_TotalConnectionCountTotalConnectionCountTotal SNAT Connection CountCountTotal number of active SNAT connections.Total

External reference

Azure NAT Gateway