Azure Network Watcher provides tools to monitor, diagnose, view metrics, and enable or disable logs for resources in an Azure virtual network.

External reference

Azure Network Watcher


To set up the Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Network Watcher.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configure Azure Events in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation Type

Average network round-trip time (ms) for connectivity monitoring probes sent between source and destination.
Average Round-trip Time (ms) (classic)MilliSecondsAverage

Percentage of connectivity monitoring checks failed.
Checks Failed PercentPercentAverage

Percentage of connectivity monitoring probes failed.
% Probes Failed (classic)PercentAverage

Round-trip time in milliseconds for the connectivity monitoring checks.
Round-Trip Time (ms)MilliSecondsAverage

Connection monitor test result.
Test ResultCountAverage