Terraform scripts are used to create, manage, and delete resources.

Resources are deleted after use.

External reference


Get the Terraform scripts from the public-cloud-automation project. These scripts are applicable to Terraform version v0.12.16.

Installing Terraform

  1. Download Terraform: https://www.terraform.io/downloads.html.
  2. Install Terraform.
  3. Set the Terraform path in the environmental variables.

To verify that Terraform is installed, type terraform at the command line to display an options list.

Creating and managing resources

To create and manage the resources:

  • Ensure that the Terraform scripts are in place.
  • Add the subscription id, client id, client secret, tenant id, and Azure version for the service account to the terraform.tfvars file.
  • Ensure that the provider.tf file has access to the project.
  • Place all of the required .tf files into the same folder.

If you need to create a set of resources, put all those resources .tf files in the same folder as the provider.tf, variables.tf, and terraform.tfvars files.


The following Terraform commands are used to create, manage, and delete resources:

terraform init  - Initializes Terraform.
terraform plan  - Shows the list of actions.
terraform plan -out=plan_store - Stores and directly applies the plan.
terraform apply plan_store - Stores a plan in the plan_store.
terraform apply - Shows the list of actions and asks for permission to apply the plan actions.
terraform destroy - Destroys all the resources created with Terraform.
  • By storing a plan in the plan_store, the permission query is bypassed when applying the plan.
  • When a folder contains all types of .tf files, only a specific type of .tf file should be executed.

To execute a single type file, use the following commands:

terraform init
terraform plan -out=plan_store -target="resource_name.logical_name"

For example, to create only an app service, use the following commands:

terraform plan -out=plan_store -target="azurerm_app_service.app_service"
terraform apply plan_store

Resource list

Application Service
App Service Plan
Application Gateway
Automation account
Automation credentials
Automation Schedule
Batch Account
Data Factory
Data Lake
Event Grid
Express Route
Maria DB
Mysql DB
Mysql Server
Network Interface
Public IP
Virtual Machine
Virtua Network