Oracle Cloud (OCI) configuration

To configure Oracle Cloud (OCI), you need to first get the credentials from Oracle Cloud (OCI) portal:

  1. Login to the Oracle Cloud (OCI) portal.
  2. Open the Profile menu and click My Profile.
  1. In the Resources section at the bottom left, click API keys.
  2. Click Add API key at the top left of the API keys list.

The Add API Key dialog box is displayed.

  1. Click Download Private Key.
  2. Click Add.

The key is added and the Configuration File Preview is displayed. Copy the required parameters and values displayed in the file snippet as you need to provide the values while creating OpsRamp integration.

OpsRamp Configuration

After you have copied all the details from your Oracle Cloud (OCI) account, use the details to install Oracle Cloud (OCI) integration on the OpsRamp console.

To install Oracle Cloud (OCI) integration:

  1. Click All Clients and from the drop-down list, select a client.

  2. Navigate to Setup > Account.

  3. Click on the Integrations and Apps tile.

  4. If there are apps/integrations already installed, it will redirect to the Installed Integrations page where all the installed integrations/apps are displayed. Otherwise, the Available Integrations and Apps page is displayed.

  5. Click +ADD and search for Oracle Cloud using the search option. You can also use the All Categories dropdown and select the appropriate public cloud category.

  6. Click +ADD on the Oracle Cloud tile. The Add Oracle Cloud page is displayed.

  7. Provide the details in the ADD OCI page:

    • Name - Provide a name for the integration.
    • Select Regions - Enter list of regions for which you need to discover the resources.
    • Tenancy OCID - Enter Tenancy OCID that is saved while creating API Key in Oracle Cloud (OCI).
    • User OCID - Enter User OCID that is saved while creating API Key in Oracle Cloud (OCI).
    • Finger Print - Enter finger print that is saved while creating API Key in Oracle Cloud (OCI).
    • Confirm Finger Print - Reenter the finger print.
    • Upload Private Key file - Upload private key file that downloaded from in Oracle Cloud (OCI) portal.
  8. Click NEXT.

  9. Under FILTER BY RESOURCE TYPE select:

    • ALL: All the existing and future resources will be discovered.
    • SELECT: You can select one or multiple resources to be discovered.
  10. Select the required resource types.

  11. In the DISCOVERY SCHEDULE section, select Recurrence Pattern to add one of the following patterns:

    • Minutes
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  12. Click Finish.
    The application is now installed and displayed on the Installed Integration page. Use the search field to find the installed application.