The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service lets you dynamically provision and manage block storage volumes. You can create, attach, connect, and move volumes, as well as change volume performance, as needed, to meet your storage, performance, and application requirements. After you attach and connect a volume to an instance, you can use the volume like a regular hard drive. You can also disconnect a volume and attach it to another instance without the loss of data.

Use the Oracle Cloud integration to discover and collect metrics against the OCI Block Volumes.


To set up the Oracle Cloud integration and discover the OCI Block Volumes service, do the following:

  1. Create a Oracle Cloud (OCI) integration if not available in your installed integrations.

  2. You can select OCI Block Volumes during integration or you can edit the existing integration and select OCI Block Volumes.

  3. Scan to discover the resources at any time independent of the predefined schedule.

  4. Once the scan is completed, you can view the OCI Block Volumes resource under Infrastructure > Resources > Oracle Cloud category.

  5. Create a template. See Create a Template for more information on how to create a template.

  6. Refer to Assign a Template on how to assign a template to a resource.

  7. Click the Metrics tab to view the monitoring data of OCI Block Volumes as shown below:

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricOracle Cloud MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescriptionAggregation Type
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeReadThroughputVolumeReadThroughputVolume Read ThroughputbytesRead throughput. Expressed as bytes read per interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeWriteThroughputVolumeWriteThroughputVolume Write ThroughputbytesWrite throughput. Expressed as bytes written per interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeReadOpsVolumeReadOpsVolume Read OperationsreadsActivity level from I/O reads. Expressed as reads per interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeWriteOpsVolumeWriteOpsVolume Write OperationswritesActivity level from I/O writes. Expressed as written per interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeThrottledIOsVolumeThrottledIOsVolume Throttled OperationssumThe total sum of all the I/O operations that were throttled during a given time interval.sum
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeGuaranteedVPUsPerGBVolumeGuaranteedVPUsPerGBVolume Guaranteed VPUs/GBVPUsRate of change for currently active VPUs/GB. Expressed as the average of active VPUs/GB during a given time interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeGuaranteedIOPSVolumeGuaranteedIOPSVolume Guaranteed IOPSIOPSRate of change for guaranteed IOPS per SLA. Expressed as the average of guaranteed IOPS during a given time interval.mean
oci_blockvolumes_VolumeGuaranteedThroughputVolumeGuaranteedThroughputVolume Guaranteed ThroughputmegabytesRate of change for guaranteed throughput per SLA. Expressed as megabytes per interval.mean