MySQL Database is a fully-managed database service, powered by the integrated HeatWave in-memory query accelerator. It is the only cloud-native database service that combines transactions, analytics, and machine learning services into MySQL Database, delivering real-time, secure analytics without the complexity, latency, and cost of ETL duplication. It is developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL team in Oracle.

Use the Oracle Cloud integration to discover and collect metrics against the OCI MySQL DB Systems.


To set up the Oracle Cloud integration and discover the OCI MySQL DB Systems service, do the following:

  1. Create a Oracle Cloud (OCI) integration if not available in your installed integrations.

  2. You can select OCI MySQL DB Systems during integration or you can edit the existing integration and select OCI MySQL DB Systems.

  3. Scan to discover the resources at any time independent of the predefined schedule.

  4. Once the scan is completed, you can view the OCI MySQL DB Systems resource under Infrastructure > Resources > Oracle Cloud category.

  5. Create a template. See Create a Template for more information on how to create a template.

  6. Refer to Assign a Template on how to assign a template to a resource.

  7. Click the Metrics tab to view the monitoring data of OCI MySQL DB Systems as shown below:

Supported metrics

OpsRamp MetricOracle Cloud MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescriptionAggregation Type
oci_mysqldb_ActiveConnectionsActiveConnectionsActive ConnectionsCountThe number of connections actively executing statements against the MySQL DB system.max
oci_mysqldb_BackupSizeBackupSizeTotal Backup SizeBytesThe aggregate size of all backups per DB system.max
oci_mysqldb_BackupTimeBackupTimeBackup TimemsThe time taken for a backup operation.max
oci_mysqldb_ChannelFailureChannelFailureInbound Channel FailuremsThe channel failure events observed over the last interval.mean
oci_mysqldb_ChannelLagChannelLagInbound Channel LagmsThe channel lag with respect to the source observed over the last interval.mean
oci_mysqldb_CPUUtilizationCPUUtilizationCPU UtilizationpercentCPU utilization for the MySQL DB system host or HeatWave nodes.mean
oci_mysqldb_CurrentConnectionsCurrentConnectionsCurrent ConnectionsCountThe number of current connections to the MySQL DB system.max
oci_mysqldb_DbVolumeReadBytesDbVolumeReadBytesDisk Read BytesbytesThe total bytes read from the MySQL DB system volume(s).rate
oci_mysqldb_DbVolumeReadOperationsDbVolumeReadOperationsDisk Read OperationsCountThe total number of read operations for the DB volume(s).rate
oci_mysqldb_DbVolumeUtilizationDbVolumeUtilizationDisk Space UtilizationpercentThe total space utilization of the MySQL DB system volume(s).max
oci_mysqldb_DbVolumeWriteBytesDbVolumeWriteBytesDisk Write BytesbytesThe total bytes written to the MySQL DB system volume(s).rate
oci_mysqldb_DbVolumeWriteOperationsDbVolumeWriteOperationsDisk Write OperationscountThe total number of write operations for the MySQL DB volume(s).rate
oci_mysqldb_MemoryUtilizationMemoryUtilizationMemory UtilizationpercentMemory utilization for the MySQL DB system host or HeatWave nodes.mean
oci_mysqldb_NetworkReceiveBytesNetworkReceiveBytesNetwork Receive BytesbytesTotal number of bytes received by a network for the MySQL DB system.mean
oci_mysqldb_NetworkTransmitBytesNetworkTransmitBytesNetwork Transmit BytesbytesNetwork transmit bytes for the MySQL DB system.mean
oci_mysqldb_StatementLatencyStatementLatencyStatement LatencymsStatement latency for all executed statements.rate
oci_mysqldb_StatementsStatementsStatement CountcountThe number of statements executed against the MySQL DB system.rate