Agent configuration settings are helpful to manage and modify a few settings in the agent directly from OpsRamp UI without logging in to the agent-installed host machine.

These scripts are available for both Linux and Windows operating systems separately in the OpsRamp Automation > Scripts > OpsRamp Agent.

You will find two scripts, the PowerShell-based script is for Windows operating systems, and the Shell script is for Linux-based operating systems.

Below are the file names:

  • Windows - Modify Agent Configuration Settings
  • Linux - Modify Agent Configuration Settings


Make sure the agent is up and connected with OpsRamp.

What actions can you do with the above scripts?

The scripts are self-explanatory and when you open the script, you can see all the supported features. The script clearly states the explanation as well as the required Commands, Keys, and Values.

Here is the list of actions you can do:

  • Dashboard Enable/Disable: This property is used to enable or disable the application dashboards.
  • Disk top 10 alerts: This property is used to enable or disable disk top 10 alerts.
  • Log level: This property is used to change the log level to the following modes Eg: debug, warning, error, and info.
  • Log file counts: This property is used to change the number of log backup counts before it gets rotated.
  • Log file size: This property is used to change the individual log file size in MB.
  • Features: This property is used to enable patching, automation, consoles, and remote command functionality.
  • Repetitive alerts interval: This property is used to change repetitive alert internal time.

For all the above actions Key and Value is important. For each key, the supported values are clearly mentioned in the script. Agent restart is required for a few actions.