This describes how to use the Python-based deployment script to install an agent. Using Python is a legacy deployment option that can have Python package dependencies incompatible with your environment. For script-based deployment without package or operating system dependencies, consider: Install an Agent using a Python Deployment Script.

Check for supported operating systems.

Additional prerequisites

  • Python is required to run the script.
  • The host machine should have access to the API server to download the installer.

Install a root user agent

  1. From All Clients choose a client.

  2. Go to Setup > Download > Agent.

  3. In the Linux Agent Script tile, choose Python Script.

  4. Download and save the script.

  5. Install the agent, enabling the features you want:

    • All features:

    • Specific features:

            python -f "agent:RemoteCommand,agent:Automation,agent:RemoteConsole"

    Within a few seconds, the Infrastructure page displays the installed server.