• ensure that all the servers are accessible from a jump server.

    A jump server refers to the main server that serves as the launchpad for installing the agent on multiple servers.

  • ensure that the agent installation file is downloaded and saved on a jump server.

  • ensure that the same set of credentials are configured on all devices where the agent is to be installed.

Configure the Windows agent deployment tool

  1. Navigate to Setup > Downloads > Agent.
  2. In the Windows Agent Deployment Tool section, click Download and follow the download instructions.
  3. Copy the downloaded deployment tool to the jump server.
  4. Run the Windows Agent Deployment Tool file and enter the Input Discovery IPs information.
  5. Click Next.
  6. From the list of Available Devices, select the devices where you want to install the agent
  7. In Selected Devices, click Browse Agent Installer.
  8. Select the downloaded agent file and click Next.
  9. Click Install.