An agent needs updates to support the latest features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. It is recommended that the agent be updated to the latest version.

Based on the type of versions, agents are categorized as G1 or G2:

  • G1 Agents contain lesser than version 3.9.9-1 for Linux and version 5.99.0022 for Windows, respectively.
  • G2 Agents contain greater than version 3.9.9-1 for Linux and version 5.99.0022 for Windows, respectively.


The agent is online and communicates with the cloud.


When you update an agent version from G1 to G2, note the following considerations:

  • You cannot update an agent version G1 to G2 for unsupported Windows versions.
  • Agent-based SNMP Monitor and SNMP Trap Monitor in G2 agent are not supported. Instead, you can use gateway-based SNMP Monitors and Trap Monitor.
  • When you update an agent to the G2 version, all the features (Remote Command, Patch Management, Automation, Remote Console) are enabled by default.
  • If you have created any custom monitor that uses the Vistara path, you need to change the path for branding changes. No change is required for the custom monitors developed by OpsRamp.


The following remote commands are not supported on Linux and Windows after updating the agent to version G2:

  • OpsRampAgent Modules

Update agents

  1. Go to Setup > Monitoring, and click Update Agents.
  2. Do one of the following options to update the agent:
  • Scheduled Update: Select the required agents and click Allow. The agents check the OpsRamp Cloud for the latest available updates every six hours and if there is the latest version available then it gets updated automatically.
  • On-demand Update: Select the required agents and click Allow and click Update Now. Agents update is triggered instantly and the selected agents get updated to the latest version within a few minutes.

Additional details

During the agent update process, OpsRamp displays the following message in the Status column. Mouseover on the Status message will display details.

  • Update Success: Indicates the Agent updated to the latest version without any issue. Example: Update Success - Timestamp (UTC): , Successfully Agent updated to .

  • Download failed: indicates the file required for agent update filed to download. Example: Download Failed - Timestamp (UTC): , Difference in downloaded patch size, Downloaded size - , Actual size - .

  • Update failed: Indicates the required file to update the agent was downloaded successfully, but the update process failed. Example: Update Failed - Timestamp (UTC): , Agent update failed while running the update/package file.

In case of failures, the above reasons will help understand the problem instead of verifying the Agent log files.