Roster is a list of scheduled duties for organization users.

Create a roster

  1. Go to Setup > Rosters.

  2. If this is the first roster, click Create New. Otherwise, click + Add. The CREATE ROSTER page is displayed.

  3. Enter the following roster properties:

    Roster NameName of the roster
    DescriptionA description of the roster
    Shifts Include Users FromOrganization to which the users belong for shifts. A roster can have shift users belonging to a partner or a client organization.
    Time ZoneRoster time zone
    Shift NameRoster shift name
    ScheduleSchedule class:
    • One-time
    • Recurring
    Start TimeSchedule start time
    End TimeSchedule end time
    User GroupsIf you want user groups to be roster members and if user groups are defined, drag the user group(s) in the Available User Groups column to the Assigned User Group column. You can also search for user groups to include.
    UsersUsers assigned to the shift. Select a user from the drop-down menu. The user list is populated with the available user information:
    • User name
    • Designation
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Mobile
    • User Time Zone

    Click + to add more users.
  4. Click Create.

  5. The roster is created. A confirmation popup is displayed, if you have not selected any user or user group. Click Yes or No accordingly.

  6. Click Yes to create a roster.

Search for a roster

You can use the search to find a roster by the roster name.

To search multiple rosters sharing the same criteria, use the Advanced search option.

  1. Click Advanced.

  2. From ADVANCED SEARCH, enter the following parameters and click Search:

    • Select Client
    • Roster Name

The ROSTERS page displays the search results.

Remove a roster

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  2. Go to Setup > Rosters.
  3. Select the roster name and click Remove, which displays a confirmation message.
  4. Click Yes to confirm roster removal.