Alert definitions are used with auto-monitoring configurations.

  1. Go to Setup > Monitoring > Alert Definitions:
    Alert Definitions
  2. click an alert definition link.
  3. Click Edit. The following graphic shows an example alert definition named EC2 Network In.
    Alert Definitions
  4. Modify:
    ScopeDetermines whether the alert definition is applied to partners or clients. (required)
    IP addressDetermines which clients are included or excluded. (required)
    NameName of the alert definition. (required)
    PriorityDetermines the order of execution on the resources, where zero (0) is the highest priority.
    • Default: 0
    • Upper limit: none
    • Upper limit recommendation: 1000
    Applicable OnIndicates how the rules are applied and to which resources they apply.
    Metric SelectionMetrics are time-stamped, have a value, and contain tags. Tags are attributes at the component-level of the metric. Select a metric by starting to type a value.
    AvailabilityUptime calculation associated with the resources.
    Alert ConditionsConditions associated with warning and critical alerts.
  5. Click Save.