An additional IP address needs to be specified for the SYSLOG service to receive resource messages.

  1. Edit the configuration map to add the IP address to the metallb configuration file:

        microk8s kubectl edit configmap gateway-extras-metallb-config

    Edit example:

        - addresses:
          name: default
          protocol: layer2
        - addresses:
          name: syslog
          protocol: layer2
          auto-assign: false

    Add the second address section shown in the example, specifying a free IP address.

  2. After editing the configuration map, restart the gateway-extras-metallb-controller pod:

        microk8s kubectl delete pod $(microk8s kubectl get pods | grep metallb-controller | awk '{print $1}')

    You might experience some downtime for the proxy service.

Install the adapter

  1. Pull and install the syslog-adapter:

        sudo helm chart pull
        sudo helm chart export
  2. Install Syslog

    For single node setup:

        sudo helm install syslog-adapter syslog-adapter -f syslog-adapter/values.yaml --set imageChannel=stable

    For multi node setup:

        sudo helm install syslog-adapter syslog-adapter -f syslog-adapter/cluster.yaml --set imageChannel=stable

Offline installation

Download the chart and images from the repository and follow the offline installation process steps previously provided: