The remote console is a configurable feature at the partner and client-level. Browser consoles must be enabled to launch a console through a web browser.

By default, Remote Access Module and JNLP Consoles are enabled for a client. Only a partner can enable or disable the Remote Access Module for a client. If the Remote Access Module is disabled, JNLP and Browser consoles are also disabled.


  • Enable remote access and consoles at the partner and client-level.
  • Enable Consoles View and Manage permission to access and launch remote consoles.

Enable browser console

  1. Go to Setup > Accounts > Clients and click the client name.
  2. From the CLIENT DETAILS page, click Edit to change the details of an existing client.
  3. From the Remote Access Management section, select Yes to enable the browser console.
  4. Select Yes to enable Shared Drive.
  5. Click Finish.

Browser consoles and shared drives are enabled for the client.