What significant improvements I can see after upgrading the gateway?

The upgraded version of the gateway maintains compatibility with SaaS upgrades. Few elements have in-depth monitoring templates.

What if the upgrade is not successful?

The platform is tested end-to-end for gateway upgrades. However, in case of failure, upgrades are rolled back.

What are the steps involved in upgrading the gateway?

  1. The gateway downloads the latest firmware from the cloud.
  2. the gateway installs the firmware. When the install is in progress, monitoring is stopped for two to three minutes. The tunnel is re-connected.
  3. The gateway is updated across all clients. The update requires less than five to 10 minutes per gateway.

Which disruptions are possible during the upgrade process?

During the upgrading process, when a gateway is updated, it is re-connected to the tunnel. For failures associated with connecting the gateway to the cloud, contact Support for assistance.

How long is each gateway down during an upgrade from start to finish?

The gateway upgrade consists of two phases: (1) Firmware download and (2) Firmware upgrade.

Phase 1: Firmware download

  • Each gateway downloads its new firmware from the cloud.
  • The gateway continues to run while the firmware is downloaded from the Cloud.
  • The download time depends on the available network bandwidth – downloads are typically in the size range of 200-300 MB.

Phase 2: Firmware upgrade

  • With this upgrade, the firmware is actually applied to the gateway.
  • This process takes five minutes to complete.
  • The gateway shuts down during this five-minute interval and does not monitor your devices.
  • The gateway restarts itself after the firmware upgrade is complete.

While a gateway is being upgraded, which type of alerts are seen in the alert browser?

During the firmware upgrade, the cloud detects that the gateway is down and generates an alert with the subject Gateway is offline. This alert heals itself when the gateway is available again.

Which network ports are required for the gateway

Check the following list for network ports.

TelnetTCP: 21
Agent to GatewayTCP: 3128
Gateway Web UITCP: 5480
SNMP TrapsTCP: 162
RsyslogTCP: 514

Can I install or update the software/packages on the gateway?

You should not install, update, or remove gateway software/packages. Doing so can lead to a gateway malfunction and OpsRamp is not responsible for fixing the problem. Also, you are not permitted to change any gateway configurations.