You can deploy a gateway OVA image by installing the OpsRamp Gateway software onto a physical or virtual server within your infrastructure. This enables the gateway to act as a bridge between your on-premises infrastructure and the OpsRamp SaaS platform, facilitating monitoring, management, and automation of IT operations.

For system requirements, refer to the documentation.

Deploying a gateway includes following steps:

Download the Gateway Image

  1. Navigate to Setup > Downloads > Gateway.
  2. In the OVA image for VMware tile, click Download. This downloads OVA image OpsRampGateway.ova to your local computer.

Deploy a Gateway on VMware ESXi Server

To deploy a gateway on the VMware ESXi Server using VMWare vSphere with OVA Image:

  1. Connect to the ESXi server.
  2. Click File > Deploy OVF Template.
  3. Click Browse and navigate to the source location, where you have downloaded the ova file.
  4. Select the file (OpsRampGateway.ova) and click Open.
  5. From the OVA Template Details screen, verify the OVA template details and click Next.
  6. From the Name and Location screen, provide a unique name to the virtual machine and click Next.
  7. From the Resource Pool screen, select VG as resource pool and click Next.
  8. From the Storage screen, select the storage location for the virtual machine file and click Next.
  9. From the Disk Format screen, do the following and click Next.
    • Verify the Datastore and Available Space as per your requirements.
    • Enable the checkbox Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed.
  10. From the Network Mapping screen, choose the network type that will be used to map the network in this OVA. Click Next.
  11. During OVF Auto Deployment, provide information in the specified fields (Optional):
    Once you customized the following settings, the system initiate the gateway registration automatically.
    • Network Settings
    • External Proxy
    • NTP Server
    • Enable Squid Proxy
    • OpsRamp Gateway Registration
  12. Verify all the deployment settings on the Ready to Complete screen.
  13. Click Finish. A popup appears indicating that the OpsRamp gateway deployment is in progress.
  14. When the deployment is completed successfully, you can see a confirmation message .
    The ESXi server displays the new virtual machine.
  15. To power on the machine, right click on the gateway virtual machine and select Power > Power On.
  16. To initiate the gateway installation, right click on the machine and select Open Console.

Register the Gateway

  1. Log in to the Gateway Administration Web UI using the following URL: https://<Gateway_IP_Address>:5480

  2. Log in to Gateway CLI with the default SSH credentials.

  3. Go to Registration and enter the following details:

    • API Server: copy and enter the host url.
    • Activation Token: copy and enter the activation token.
  4. Complete the registration.

  5. After registration, change the default password.