This section describes the different types of nextgen gateway installation procedures.

The NextGen gateway collector is currently deployed in the following three ways:

This section also includes:

For advanced configuration, refer to the Collector Bootstrap Tool documentation.

Gateway Capacity Parameters

CPUMemoryCapacity (resources/min)Capacity (metrics/min)
Large8 core16 GB4003200
Medium4 core8 GB2001600

The above capacity parameters are approximate and can vary depending on various factors, such as template frequency, resource type, network protocol, and the type of metrics.


How do I add proxy settings to Node?

Step-1: Add the proxy settings to /etc/environments.

Step-2: Login again with the same user for the proxy settings to function properly. Step-3: Now, install the k3s.
Step-4: The proxy settings listed above will also be added to /etc/system/systemd/k3s.service.env.

How do I change proxy settings at the node level after installing k3s?

Step-1: Edit the proxy settings in /etc/system/systemd/k3s.service.env file.
Step-2: Now, use the following command to restart the k3s service:

systemctl restart k3s