This page describes how to install the nextgen gateway on the kubernetes environment.


To deploy a NextGen cluster in your kubernetes environment, make sure your environment meets these requirements:

  • Helm 3.8.2 or higher
  • Kubernetes (K3S or K8S) - 1.20.x - 1.17.x or higher
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 50 GB Disk
  • 4 Core of CPU
  • AMD64/ARM64 Arch
  • Configure the default storage class and CSI plugin in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Download the OpsRamp Collector Bootstrap Tool.
    Refer to the article on how to download the OpsRamp Collector Bootstrap Tool.

Step 1: Download the NextGen Gateway Collector

Follow these steps to download the nextgen gateway collector:

  1. From All Clients, select a client.

  2. Go to Setup > Integration and Apps.

  3. To find the Collector Profile, either use the search button or select “Other” from the Categories menu.

ISO download
  1. Click + ADD on the CLOUD-NATIVE APPLICATION page. The ADD GATEWAY COLLECTOR PROFILES page displays all the available gateway collectors.
ISO download
  1. Enter a Profile Name and click the CLOUD-NATIVE APPLICATION (INSTALLER) tile.

  2. Click NEXT.

  3. After clicking next, an instructions page appears as shown below. Follow the instructions to download the gateway:

    • Log in to the VM/host where you have pre-installed Kubernetes.
    • Copy the wget command to clipboard and paste it in the terminal window. Ensure that the bootstrap tool is successfully downloaded into your VM/host. The download link below is for the Linux-AMD64 operating system.
      Installation instructions

Once you have downloaded the gateway, proceed to step 2 to register the nextgen gateway.

Step 2: Register the NextGen Gateway

Click here to know how to install gateway on kubernetes environment.

Advanced configuration

For advanced configuration and instructions see Collector Bootstrap Tool documentation.