Discovery is the first step in providing visibility into IT assets and their interdependencies in a hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure by creating an on-premis or cloud asset inventory of existing resources and automatically adding new resources.

Discovery provides:

  • Hybrid visibility to track physical inventory and virtual and cloud-native assets.
  • Lifecycle management to optimize IT asset footprint with the right set of insights.
  • A business view of the enterprise to construct a complete picture of IT service dependencies.
  • Cloud cost management to track cloud expenses across your different business unit.

Basic discovered resource properties

  • Operating system
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • DNS name
  • IP address
  • Description
  • Resource UUID
  • Created by
  • First created time
  • Last discovered time
  • Last configuration scan time
  • Time zone
  • OS architecture
  • Build number
  • Registered user
  • Product key

Resource properties discovered by the gateway

  • Basic device details, including operating system, make, model, and serial number
  • BIOS information
  • CPU processor information
  • Physical disk drives
  • Logical disk drives
  • Network cards information
  • Video cards information
  • Services
  • Installed applications
  • Purchase date
  • Warranty
  • Expiry date and Remaining days

The gateway does not discover the resources if:

  • Port 5985 is not open.
  • An agent is installed on the resource.

Discovery profiles

Discovery profiles define the range of devices that you want to discover. You can create multiple discovery profiles, each for a different set of devices. Save each profile and reuse for future discoveries.

All the added Discovery profiles are displayed on Discovery and Deployment page.

  • You can sort the list by clicking some of the labels on the list. For example, Profile Name, Type or Management Profile.
  • You can also do multiple actions on every existing Discovery Profile. For example, view and scan, edit or delete.

The Discovery and Deployment page displays the following details:

  • Profile name: Name of the Discovery Profile.
  • Type: Type of protocol used for discovering resources.
  • IP Range: IP address or IP range of the resources discovered.
  • Discovery Schedule: Schedule set for discovering resources.
  • Management Profile: Agent or the gateway associated with discovering the group of resources.

Scan resources

To discover the resources, schedule a scan or scan for the devices manually.

After all devices are discovered, find the devices listed in the folder path: Infrastructure Workspace > Resources > Discovered.