Once the templates are created, the administrators can customize the existing component threshold values assigned to a metric in the synthetic monitor to receive the alert.

Follow the steps below to configure the component level threshold for metrics:

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Resources > Synthetics.
  3. Select the synthetic resource from list to configure.
Unassign Templates
  1. Go to Monitor > Monitor.
  2. You should now see the list of Synthetics Templates Metrics. Click the Edit Symbol of a metric to update the component threshold.
Unassign Templates
  1. The page Edit Metric Threshold will now appear. Click + Add button.
  2. Enter the following parameters. Click Update button.
Component Threshold ParameterDescriptionExample
LocationPublic and private locations present in the client to enable monitoring.ALL
AlertTo get alerts for configured metrics, enable the Alert option-
Warning ThresholdA warning alert is sent when the metric reaches Warning Threshold.5
Critical ThresholdA warning alert is sent when the metric reaches the Warning Threshold.10
Repeat CountNumber of times (iteration) the Warning and Critical threshold values are verified before an alert is sent.1
Unassign Templates
  1. Once the component threshold has been successfully updated, you will receive a confirmation page.