You can move the configured synthetic monitors to scheduled maintenance at any time.

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.

  2. Select Infrastructure > Resources > Synthetics.

  3. Select the synthetic monitor from the list of monitors.

  4. From the Settings drop-down menu, click Schedule Maintenance.

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  5. Now, display a Create New Maintenance Period page.

  6. Enter the following parameters:

    • Name: Name for the new maintenance under creation.
    • Description: Details about the scheduled maintenance.
    • Time Zone: Time zone of the selected location.
    • Schedule: Schedule a One-Time or a Recurring Maintenance.
    • Start On: Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Hours Minutes (Mins).
    • End on: Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Hours Minutes (Mins).
    • Alert Conditions: If you want to receive the alert, select “Enable Alert Conditions” option.
  7. Click Save.

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