Users can edit a monitor based on their requirements.

Depending on the adapter type, the fields to edit vary. User can:

  • Add one or more metrics to the monitor.
  • Update an existing metric. Updating a metric may include changing the thresholds, updating the subject and description, etc.
  • Add or update configuration parameters.
  • Update scripts.

Edit a Monitor

Follow these steps to edit a Monitor:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Monitoring > Monitors. The Monitors listing page is displayed.

  2. Search for the monitor you want to modify.

  3. Click on the monitor name.

  4. Click Edit. The Edit Monitor page is displayed.

  5. Make the necessary changes.
    Note: The fields may vary based on the Adapter Type.

    • You can edit any field as required.
      Example: You can add a metric or edit an existing metric.

      • To edit a metric:
        1. Click on the metric name. You can update the metric description or update alert subject, description, default thresholds.

    • You can add a new configuration parameter or edit the existing configuration parameters.

  6. Click Save. A popup window appears.

A list of templates that are associated with this monitor is displayed.

If you want the current changes in the monitor that you just made to reflect on the templates that are listed, select the template(s) and click on the Ok button. The latest configuration will be synchronized to the resources that have the templates applied on them.

Otherwise, click on the Ok button without selecting any template. The changes will take place within the monitor.