WebLogic Server is an application server, a platform for developing and deploying multitier distributed enterprise applications. WebLogic Server centralizes application services such as web server functionality, business components, and access to backend enterprise systems. It uses technologies such as caching and connection pooling to improve resource use and application performance.


  • WebLogic must be installed.
  • Domain must be configured.

Configuring Remote JMX

Open the file in the following location and add the following lines:

File: <Oracle_Home>/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin/


Now restart the WebLogic Server for the changes to take effect.

Note: <Oracle_Home> in file location is the installation directory where weblogic is installed.

Applying WebLogic template

  1. Select the WebLogic Monitors template
  1. Move the WebLogic Monitors from Available templates to Selected templates.
  1. Enter the credentials.
  2. Set UserName, and Password to “NA”, if not applicable.

Supported Metrics

Monitor NameDisplay NameDescriptionUnits
weblogic_thread_countThread CountThread count of the server
weblogic_total_started_thread_countTotal Started Thread CountTotal started thread count
weblogic_loaded_class_countLoaded Class CountLoaded class count
weblogic_unloaded_class_countUnloaded Class CountUnloaded class count
weblogic_gc_collection_countCollection CountNumber of garbage objects collected
weblogic_gc_collection_timeCollection TimeTime taken for collection of the garbage objects
weblogic_open_file_descriptor_countOpen File Descriptor CountNumber of open file descriptors of the server
weblogic_heap_memory_usage_usedHeap Memory Usage UsedHeap memory usage of the serverMB
weblogic_heap_memory_usage_committedHeap Memory Usage CommittedHeap memory committed for the serverMB
weblogic_non_heap_memory_usage_usedNon Heap Memory Usage UsedNon heap memory usage of the serverMB
weblogic_non_heap_memory_usage_committedNon Heap Memory Usage CommittedNon heap memory committed for the serverMB
weblogic_uptimeWebLogic UptimeWebLogic uptimeMinutes
weblogic_thread_pool_hogging_thread_countHogging Thread CountHogging thread count
weblogic_thread_pool_execute_thread_idle_countExecute Thread Idle CountExecute thread idle count
weblogic_thread_pool_standby_thread_countStandby Thread CountStandby thread count
weblogic_jta_transaction_countJTARuntime Transaction Count RateJTARuntime transaction count ratePer Second
weblogic_jta_transaction_committed_countJTARuntime Transaction Committed Count RateJTARuntime transaction committed count ratePer Second
weblogic_jta_transaction_rolled_back_countJTARuntime Transaction Rolled Back Count RateJTARuntime transaction rolled back count ratePer Second
weblogic_jta_transaction_abandoned_countJTARuntime Transaction Abandoned Count RateJTARuntime transaction abandoned count ratePer Second
weblogic_jdbc_ds_num_availableNum AvailableJDBC datasource num available
weblogic_jdbc_ds_curr_capacityCurr CapacityJDBC datasource curr capacity
weblogic_jdbc_ds_connections_countConnections Count RateJDBC datasource connections count ratePer Second
weblogic_jdbc_ds_active_connections_current_countActive Connections Current CountJDBC datasource active connections current count
weblogic_jdbc_ds_leaked_connection_countLeaked Connection CountJDBC datasource leaked connection countPer Second
weblogic_jdbc_ds_prep_stmt_cache_current_sizePrep Stmt Cache Current SizeJDBC datasource prep stmt cache current size
weblogic_jdbc_ds_waiting_for_connection_current_countWaiting For Connection Current CountJDBC datasource waiting for connection current count
weblogic_jdbc_ds_waiting_for_connectionWaiting For Connection RateJDBC datasource waiting for connection ratePer Second
weblogic_jdbc_ds_waiting_for_connection_successWaiting For Connection Success RateJDBC datasource waiting for connection success ratePer Second
weblogic_jdbc_ds_waiting_for_connection_failureWaiting For Connection Failure RateJDBC datasource waiting for connection failure ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_access_countAccess Count RateEJBPool access count ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_miss_countMiss Count RateEJBPool miss count ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_waiter_current_countWaiter Current CountEJBPool waiter current count
weblogic_ejp_destroyed_countDestroyed Count RateEJBPool destroyed count ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_beans_in_use_current_countBeans In Use Current CountEJBPool beans in use current count
weblogic_ejp_pooled_beans_current_countPooled Beans Current CountEJBPool pooled beans current count
weblogic_ejp_transactions_committed_countTransactions Committed Count RateEJB transactions committed count ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_transactions_rolled_back_countTransactions Rolled Back Count RateEJB transactions rolled back count ratePer Second
weblogic_ejp_transactions_timed_out_countTransactions Timed Out Count RateEJB transactions timed out count ratePer Second