The Windows services helps you monitor the operating system specific services for Windows devices in your environment.

Using Windows services, you can:

  • Monitor service status.
  • Monitor specific or all Windows state changes.
  • Generate alerts using Agent-based monitoring templates.

Use the following global template and metric name to monitor your Windows services:

  • Template name: Agent G2 - Windows Services Monitoring
  • Metric name:


  • Include service names (with comma separated) in the Value text-box while assigning the template to a device. For example, opsramp-agent,opsramp-shield,svsvc,vmickvpexchange,wuauserv.

    Service Names
  • Install the agent on the target device to run the scripts.

Validate templates

After the configured services are running on the target devices, view the metric graph using Infrastructure > Resources > Device Details > Metrics. The graph displays the following metric values:

  • 1 - Services are running
  • 0 - Services are not running
Validating Templates

Windows services monitor alerts

View the Windows services alerts in the Alert browser. Examine the alert description to view the last modified time.

Windows Services Monitor Alerts