Create and apply jobs

You can create and schedule a native job. When you navigate to Automation > Jobs from the Dashboards or Infrastructure screens without selecting a client, a Select Client screen is displayed. Select the client to access the Jobs feature.

  1. Go to Automation > Jobs, click Create.
  2. Select the client, Job Type and enter job name.
  3. Enter schedule time for the job and click Add Devices.
  4. Select the checkbox to select the devices to assign the job. You can also filter for devices from the drop-down menu.
  5. After selection of devices, click Add Devices and click Save.

A job is now created, scheduled and applied to selected devices. You can view the list of devices added to the job.


In this scenario, you want to assign antivirus jobs across all the resources and schedule the job to run every Monday at 10 AM.

  1. Create a job.
  2. Assign the job to the resources.
  3. Enter a schedule for the job.

Agent Supporting Jobs

  • Asset Information: Asset Information collects device inventory data such as hardware information, installed software information, network information, and so on. We are supporting this job on both Linux and Windows.
  • Antivirus Update: Antivirus will update the Antivirus definitions to the most recent version. We are supporting this task on Windows.
  • Application Scan: An application scan job will retrieve information about third-party installed applications that OpsRamp supports. We are supporting this job only on windows.
  • Disk Defragmentation: This job will defragment the disk spaces. We are supporting this job only for Windows Agents.
  • Missing Patch Request: The missing patch request operation will collect all missing OS patches for Windows and Linux, as well as installed patches for Windows.
  • Tempfile Deletion: Tempfile deletion job will delete all the temporary files from temp folder. We are supporting this job only on windows.