This page displays a list of all the patches that have been installed on your resources and their status.

View List of Installed Patches

Follow the steps below to see the list of installed patches:

  1. Login to OpsRamp Portal.
  2. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  3. Go to Configuration Management > Patch Management 2.0.
  4. On the left side of this page, click the Menu bar icon and then Installed.
  5. Here you will have a list of all installed patches.

patch management
patch management

The following table describes the various attributes displayed on the Installed page:

External idA unique id is used to identify the patches.
Patch NameName of the patch.
CategoryDefine the type of patch, whether it is an update or a new one.
SeverityShow the type of risk factor if these patches are not updated.
InstalledThe number of resources installed with the patch.
FailedThe number of resources failed to install the patch.
Search ButtonTo find your installed patches by name, use the search field.
Select Date RangeBy using a date range, you can find a list of installed patches.